CAS Journal
November 1995
Volume 2, No. 8 (Series II)

Table of Contents

1 -The Bridge Curve by Richard E. Menzel

6 - Material Properties from Resonance Frequencies of Violin Blanks by Oliver E. Rodgers

14 - Blister Cup Indicators and bm-Values as Aids When Indicating Body Resonances B1, B0, and B -1 by Ake Ekwall

17 - Bounce Tests, Modal Analysis, and the Playing Qualities of the Violin Bow by George Bissinger

23 - Rethinking the Fingerboard Material by Duane Voskuil

25 - Calculating Bridge Correction by Mark French

29 - Air Resonance Testing, Experiments and Views by Ake Ekwall

Violinmaker's Forum

31 - Silicates "in violino": Stiffening American Topwoods by David L. Chrapkiewicz

Mathematician's Corner

34 - Editor, Edward Wall


35 - News and Correspondence

37 - Meetings, Workshops, Seminars

48 - Recent Publications of CAS Members

48 - Necrology

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