Carleen Maley Hutchins
For String Players

Hutchins would like to see her teaching start to reach string players themselves. Her work has done much to demystify instruments, but most players do not read scientific journals and many makers are only glad to retain the mystery. She offers the following as important pieces of advice for players of violin family instruments:[FN 124]

Hutchins has received a number of honors during her long career, including two Guggenheim Fellowships (1959, 1961), four grants from the Martha Baird Rockefeller Fund for Music (1966, 1974, 1978, 1982), and honorary degrees from the Stevens Institute of Technology (1977), Hamilton College (1984), St. Andrews Presbyterian College (1988), and Concordia University (1992), and the Silver Medal from the Acoustical Society of America (1981). No honor, however, has ever deterred her from continuing her work, which goes on with continued vigor and uncompromising standards at the age of 82. In 1993 she was in Baltimore for Yo-Yo Ma's concert and to the Stockholm International Music Acoustics Conference, and she continues to plan for the future. Hutchins knows that she has started more projects than she can finish in her lifetime, but in the end sees herself as part of the history of violin-making and research, a history that is still being written.

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