Carleen Maley Hutchins

This description of Hutchins's work necessitates citing a number of her articles. She has published many papers, and these writings, along with her work as an editor and compiler, have largely defined the field of violin acoustics in the last thirty years. She traces her work as an editor to the years after Saunders's death, when she inherited his collection of reprints and many of his files. Research in these sources prompted her to embark on a detailed search in major libraries for important scientific contributions to musical acoustics. Hutchins was asked to collect these sources into volumes by Bruce Lindsay, then Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. This resulted in two volumes in the series Benchmark Papers in Acoustics, creating a large body of information critical to the work of all in the field.[FN 120] She also compiled a volume on The Physics of Music for Scientific American,[FN 121] and in recent years has been editing a volume on Three Hundred Years of Violin Acoustics, containing her extensive essay on important work in violin acoustics, 110 pages to be reprinted, and 400 references to work that she has found worthy of inclusion.[FN 122] This latter source will be published by the Acoustical Society of America. In a field where many articles are published in obscure journals, Hutchins has done crucial bibliographic work.

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